Write to Us _ Let us Collaborate

If  you are an architect/ planner / designer / artist / (basically anyhow professionally related to the built environment), we  are looking for exciting ideas / research agendas / design ideas that you might be mulling over. We welcome proposals and initiatives for collaboration.

(especially if you bored to death drafting in CAD, and other ideas are buzzing in your head)

If you have an established firm / practice or start-up, we can collaborate as a peer agency and offer our design / think-tank support in furthering your project. 

If you are an academic in allied fields (urban studies, sociology, social psychology, anthropology), we urge you to come forward with your insights regarding architecture and the city and collaborate with us to inform design practice.  

If you are a client / NGO / govt agency / citizens, we see you as collaborators as well, and you can come forward with your ideas/ plans for a project and together we can take that forward.

If you are a student of any of these fields and would like to contribute in anyway, know that we are very open to ideas from you and we will offer support to mature those ideas towards something conclusive. 

At the root of effective collaboration is an empathic dialogue, like an engaging journey. Write to us and let us start. 

(if you want to see what are the current ongoing ideas / seeds, visit our Seed Bank, and take your pick if you like any)

p.s.  if you are an agent of the status quo and want to refute our philosophical stance, write to us even more.

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